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    Thanks for your interest! The best way to reach me will be through Gartner’s process. I’ll post the link here as soon as I know it.

    2 Responses to Contact

    1. I’m a new EA @ HHMI – before that, CEO of a national XML standards group. At heart, a data guy.

      We’re a Gartner customer. I don’t think we’re sitting in Economy there, but not sure. Just got here.

      Your posts @merv and on this blog have made sense, are readable, interesting, and valuable. Thanks for that, and I think your perspective could really help me in a very unique enterprise environment.

      Not sure how this works, and if I need to go through “proper channels” Gartner-wise, I totally understand.

      Congrats on the new gig @ Gartner. We need good analysis these days more than ever.

    2. Merv Adrian says:

      Thanks – and look forward to getting to meet you – in cyberspace or otherwise. Best is to come through channels as you suggest. Gartner likes to keep track to document the value exchange.

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