• December 2017 Tracker – Where’s Hadoop?

    The?leading 2017 story of Hadoop distributions?is that nobody seems to want to be accused of being in the business of providing them.?Some former champions?are expanding their shiny new positioning:?Cloudera?is selling Enterprise Data Hubs and Analytic?DBs;?Hortonworks?offers DataPlanes and Next-Gen Data Platforms;?MapR?touts the Converged Data Platform. In the cloud world, Amazon’s?EMR?is at least designed to “run and scale Apache Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Presto, Hive, and other Big Data Frameworks” while on Google’s?Cloud Platform?page the word Hadoop appears once inside the description of?Cloud Dataproc.


    Strata Standards Stories: Different Stores For Different Chores

    Has HDFS joined MapReduce in the emerging “legacy Hadoop project” category, continuing the swap-out?of components that formerly answered the question “what is Hadoop?” Stores for data were certainly a focus at Strata/Hadoop World in NY, O’Reilly’s well-run, well-attended, and always impactful fall event. The limitations of HDFS, including?its append-only nature, have become inconvenient enough to push the community to “invent” something DBMS vendors like Oracle did decades ago: a bypass. After some pre-event leaks about its arrival, Cloudera chose its Strata keynote to announce Kudu, a new columnstore written in C++, bypassing HDFS entirely. Kudu?will use an Apache license and will be submitted to the Apache process at some undetermined future time.


    Hadoop Projects Supported By Only One Distribution

    The Apache Software Foundation has succeeded admirably in becoming?a place where new software ideas are developed: today over 350 projects are underway. The challenges?for?the Hadoop user are twofold:?trying to decide which projects?might be useful in big data-related cases, and determining?which are supported by commercial distributors. In?Now, What is Hadoop? And What’s Supported??I list 10 supported by only one:?Atlas, Calcite,?Crunch,?Drill,?Falcon,?Kite,?LLAMA,?Lucene,?Phoenix?and?Presto. Let’s look at them a little more.


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